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Welcome to Therapy Lounge

Hello, my name is Dawn Dupree and I have set up Therapy Lounge to provide individual Counselling and Psychotherapy services for anyone looking for emotional or psychological support in London and online.

People seek therapy for a number of reasons including feeling anxious, depressed or overwhelmed. A recent loss, sudden change of circumstances or life stage crisis may prompt you to look for some professional support. You may be experiencing a dilemma, feel stuck or lack a sense of meaning or purpose in your life. You could be experiencing problems with addiction or feel concerned about your mental health. Often people are struggling with relationship or family issues that feel difficult to resolve.

Whatever you are facing, therapy can provide an opportunity to explore your thoughts and feelings in a safe and confidential space where you are able to slow down, and reflect on your situation. You can expect to gain awareness and find ways to manage the issues you bring through a process of investigation and in the context of a supportive therapeutic relationship.